Welcome to CrossFit III!

Videos filmed and produced by Lucas Hicks www.lucasjess.com

First, what is CrossFit??

Great question! It is an avenue to reach your fitness goals, whatever they may be, in a fun, effective, efficient and safe manner.

We are about getting you FIT, not just a better stomach for bathing suit season but all around fitness. You can do more than you think you can. You are designed for more than you are doing. It's our job to pull that out of you.

It's time to do this. Procrastination is a failure disease so fight it and don't wait. Come visit the 1st time on us and the rest will be history. We can't wait to meet you!

Why CrossFit III?



From: Jim G Age: 37 Started CF: Feb 2014

"Well, I made it through the CrossFit class and I loved it. I loved it so much that I signed up for a years worth of pain. I have to say that the owner/trainer really knows how to work with someone who is new to CrossFit. I have been to 2 different places and just didn't like the attention I received. I didn't feel like they had a place where I could be successful. But i didn't get that vibe from this place at all. This is the first time I have gone somewhere and really felt like I could do it. I am really looking forward to getting back for my next class and seeing results after a few months."


From: Bob L Age: 65 Started CF: Spring 2013

Last year I had lost 10 lbs on my own and was sitting on the beach in Puerta Vallarta when I decided to get a personal trainer. I needed someone to account to, and work with me. A cruise was coming up and I needed to lose another 10 lbs. You (Shane) were the guy. I made my goal in 3 months but also built up muscle, strength, and stamina. Walking all over Europe was no problem while travel mates had a tough time. Then came Crossfit III. Yes it's tough, yes it's hard, but yes, it is exhilarating and you feel you've really accomplished something when you are finished. I figure if my heart can handle this at age 65, I'm going to be good for another 30 years. Thanks!


From: Deborah Warr Age: 29 Started CF: Feb 2013

I was already working out with Shane as my personal trainer when he opened CrossFit III.  I love that CrossFit allows me to be flexible with my schedule and come to as many classes per week as I can attend.  Also, I love the team environment of CrossFit.  Having other members right next to you, doing the same workout really motivates me.  The team aspect (and my own personal competitiveness) has driven me to stick with CrossFit and push through each and every workout to do my best. It has allowed me to meet so many people.  I love that all members are supportive and encourage each other.  We push each other to do more than we ever thought we could do in a workout.  The team aspect has been great for me. I started CrossFit to get back into shape after having my son.  He'll be two in February and I can say I'm in better shape now than before I had him.  I'm so much stronger now.  I never thought I'd be able to do a pull-up (or a real push-up for that matter.)  I can do both of those things now.  I'm also much more confident now.  I look and feel great.  I also know that I can take on challenges that I face everyday (like carrying my son around the house.)  I'm very proud to be a member of CrossFit III and am super excited to see where we go as a team in 2014.


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