Thanksgiving Day WOD-9:30am Only
"Turkey Day”
45min As many points as possible:

In teams of 3, which will be picked out of a hat, you will have 45 minutes to accumulate as many points as possible by completing the following movements:

Gymnastics Movements
20 sit ups = 5pts
1 rope climb = 5pts
10 pull ups = 5pts
20 push ups= 5pts
20 kb swings (55/35) = 10pts
50 air squats = 10pts
5 muscle ups = 10pts
5 wall climbs = 10pts
800m weighted run (Carry a wall ball 14/10) = 10pts
Barbell movement (96/65) = 1pt per rep
This can be anything-ground to overhead, power clean, snatch, sdhp, deadlift, front squat, back squat, push press, etc.
Team member 1 will be completing an 800m weighted run

Team member 2 will be completing an AMRAP of any of the barbell movements

Team member 3 will be completing any of the gymnastics movements

**Once team member 1 returns from the 800m run, the team will rotate responsibilities**

It is the teams responsibility to keep track of all the point totals/reps. All reps for each movement must be done completely and properly in order for the points to count.