Hey everyone! It is that time of year again when the CrossFit Open allows everyone across the world to register and compete against one another for the chance in becoming The Fittest on Earth!

Here is the schedule:
The Open
February 26 - March 30, 2015

Open registration begins January 15.

15.1: Feb. 26 -March 2
15.2: March 5-9
15.3: March 12-16
15.4: March 19-23
15.5: March 26-30

In case you are new to this here is a breakdown:

1. The competition is 5 weeks with 5 different workouts released every Thursday at 8 pm EST.
2. There are different divisions, including two brand new TEEN divisions for ages 14-15 and 16-17 (divided into male/female).
3. Masters divisions are broken down into age groups: 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59 and 60+ (also male/female)
4. There is a new SCALED division this year, too. So, if you are unable to to the RX weight, movements, etc. you will still be able to do the workouts they release for The Open.
5. The Open is $20 and scores must be submitted (and verified) by the affiliate owner by each Monday night by 8 pm EST (I believe - it will tell you when you register)
6. While most of us normal humans wont go onto the games, this is so much fun and gives you a chance to see where you stack up against hundreds of thousands of people across the world!

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please let me or one of the coaches know! We will help you in every way possible!

Lets get as many people to sign up as possible so we can make this a gym-wide event, too!

The CrossFit Games - Open