$20 Chiro Adjustments Every Saturday!

$20 Chiro Adjustments Every Saturday!

Hello everyone,

I'm excited to announce an additional benefit to being a CrossFit III member. My father-in-law, Dr. Joel Desaulniers, has agreed to come to our gym every Saturday at 11:30am and give adjustments to any members for just $20! The usual cost is $45 or more so this is an amazing benefit. Dr. D has seen it all with his 32 years of experience and I am very confident that he will help us stay healthy as a gym. His website is below if you would like to check him out more.

I also want to take this opportunity to explain why I believe CrossFitters need to incorporate chiropractic and mobility work in to their routine. I'm going to let the article below do most of the talking but here is my two cents. The book I keep in the gym "How to Become a Supple Leopard" explains that MOST injuries people experience are not a direct result of what they were doing at that particular time, it is actually a result of years of imbalance. By imbalance I mean walking incorrectly, standing and sitting incorrectly, doing a repetitive movement maybe at your job for years and doing it with not the best of form. These things and more will throw your body out of its natural alignment and all it takes is one movement to set it off. This is why it bothers me to hear people say "CrossFit injures people." I could say that baseball injures people because I tore my ACL doing it. The fact is that most likely your body was off or you didn't work on your mobility and flexibility enough before hand and you also hadn't been re-aligned like you needed. Think of a car. It's comes off the lot perfectly aligned until you hit a pothole, then you may bump a curb, maybe you take a turn too fast or have to slam on your brakes one day. Another part on the car that is off may cause the whole car to be out of alignment. So, what do you do to fix it? Go to the auto shop and get it aligned every once in a while! Your body is SO much more complex than a car. It needs re-aligning every once in a while. A good chiro will see you just enough to fix any issues then suggest you to come every once in a while to maintain. You should also be working on your mobility yourself on a daily basis. We can do a lot of work to ourselves we just have to put in the time. Check out the article below to understand more. Thank you for your time and I am very excited to see everyone get and stay healthy and get STRONG!

***Please sign up on the online calendar if you would like to get an adjustment.***



Shane Bonilla, Owner/Coach, Crossfit III

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