Friday 7/14/17

Friday 7/14/17

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20 min AMRAP

20 Double KB Front Rack Squat + Step Up* (III-55s/35s, II-35s/20s, I-25s/15s) (20" box for all)

10 Burpees Over KBs**

20m Sled Push*** (45/0)

*KB in each hand, clean them one at a time or at the same time and hold them together at your collarbone. Do 1 squat then 1 step up for 1 rep. Then do a squat then step up on the other leg for rep 2. 

**Put KBs down close to each other. Do a burpee then a lateral jump over the KBs just like it was a barbell.

***Wall to wall one time. Weight is light so you can push quickly and without stopping and so that we don't have people waiting long.

Below is a tutorial on a double kb clean to get them ready for your squat and step up today. If you are brand new to this movement, which most are, we suggest cleaning 1 kb then the other then bringing them together