Getting Started/Pricing

Getting started with CrossFit is simple at CrossFit III! Pricing below!

Step 1: Call 678-995-3337 or email to schedule your complimentary, intro session

Step 2: Complete our required Level I Intro Course*

Level I Foundations: $99 for 4 private one hour sessions 


Level I Comprehensive: $198 for 8 private one hour sessions

*In Level I, we will map out your your personal success plan based on your goals and lifestyle. You will also learn how to perform the fundamental CrossFit movements safely and effectively, ensuring a seamless transition into the group classes. Level I consists of 4 or 8 private sessions based on your need and comfort level moving to CrossFit classes. Upon completion of the Level I Intro Course, you will have full access to unlimited membership and any class time.

Step 3: Participate in classes regularly and work toward your goals!

We look forward to meeting you and showing you what CrossFit III is all about and how it can improve your life!

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