Topic #1: Class Schedule Changes

Topic #2: Membership Pricing Changes

Class Schedule Changes:
After much deliberation with many of you guys, we are making some schedule changes starting next week!

I have 2 purposes for making these changes
1. To give the best opportunity for our current members and future members to come as consistently as they would like
2. To have the most dynamic, electric and motivating classes by creating higher attendance classes

PLEASE REVIEW next week's schedule on your app or go to the link below and click to next week for the official new CFIII schedule.

The main changes to note are morning class times and combining classes on Friday evening and Saturday morning.

Thank you for your feedback to create these schedule upgrades and for your understanding. Also, PLEASE SIGN UP FOR CLASSES. ;-)

*****5:30AM & 7 AMers, if there are 0 people signed up by 9pm the previous night THERE WILL NOT BE CLASS IN THE MORNING. This is for the safety of our coaches. Effective starting next week*****


Membership Pricing Changes:

*****First, all current members will be grandfathered in to the original (current) pricing structure. I will always honor my contract with you guys***** 

Starting November 15th our price structure is as follows:

$160 6 Months
$180 Month To Month
$140 Service Discount Membership (Active Duty Military, Law Enforcement, Fire, First Responders, Teachers)

$20 off Fit Family Discount ($20 off each person when being paid out of the same bank account) 

*No stacking discounts

**ALL NEW MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS INCLUDE YOGA CLASSES! If you are a current member and would like to add Yoga it will only be $10 more a month to your current membership!