Monday 10/2/17

Monday 10/2/17

***ATTENTION: You (Yes YOU!), download a deck of cards app before class please!***…/a…/wod-deck-of-cards/id590984741……

For Time*
"Deck of Cards"
Hearts: Pull-Ups
Spades: Goblet Squats III-70/55, II-55/35, I-35/20
Clubs: Push-Ups
Diamonds: III-GHDSU, II-V ups, I-Abmat Sit Ups
Joker: 200m Run

Face Cards (J,Q,K): 10 reps
Ace: 11 reps

LIII: J is 11, Q is 12, K is 13, A is 14
RX+ (for fun): Perform 1 Ring MU after every set

*If desired- Partner with a buddy that pushes you and share a deck. Don't move on until both partners finish the reps.