Monday 1/28/19

Monday 1/28/19

PSA - For anyone that keeps up with CrossFit Headquarters, you've seen a shift. The shift has been towards truly putting form before intensity and working toward performing gymnastics movements strict (no kipping) to build the strength necessary to do high rep kipping with proper form.

I wholeheartedly agree with these changes.

What does that mean for CFIII?
You'll see strict movements prescribed more often. If you truly embrace them you will build strength and help prevent the risk of injury in YOUR body.

What else?
Us as coaches will continue to demo and drill you guys on perfect form. We may also pause you mid wod to correct something. This applies to those doing CF for 6 years to 6 weeks. IF you are open to listening and improving you WILL be a better athlete 6 months from now.

What's my job as an athlete?
Understand that yes, intensity and racing each other is fun and it contributes to your fitness but isn't worth the cost of injury or developing bad habits. Humble yourself and understand that great form with intensity is much more admirable than topping the leaderboard and having a hurting back the next day. We're in this for the long term folks. We want to be crushing WODs a decade from now and great form is how we do it.

Any questions for me on this just ask! We love you guys and want the best for you (total parent statement right there.)


Back Squat
Find Your 3 Rep Max

AMRAP With a Partner in 10 minutes

Buy-In: 50 Goblet Lunges (III-55/35, II-35/25, I-25/15)

Partner 1:
10 Hand Release Deadlifts (III-225/155, II-185/125, I-135/95)
10 Box Jumps (24#20#)

Partner 2:
Kettlebell Hold in Bottom of Squat (same KB as buy in)

*CATCH: 10 burpees each every time the KB touches the ground

For the buy-in one partner must work at a time. Partition the work between partners as needed. Team must complete 50 total lunges. Only one round then move to the AMRAP portion.

While partner 1 is working to complete a full round of deadlifts and box jumps, partner 2 is holding a kettlebell in the bottom of the squat. Partner 1 cannot begin deadlifts until partner 2 is in the bottom of the squat. After partner 1 completes 10 deadlifts and 10 box jumps, partners switch positions. Partner 1 must pass the kettlebell to partner 2.

Hand release deadlifts require that the hands be released from the barbell at the bottom of the lift when the bumpers have touched the floor. Bars must not be dropped from the waist. A complete rep occurs when the bar is lifted from the floor using both hands, the athlete has demonstrated full hip extension and shoulders are behind the bar and the bar is then returned to the floor and hands released from the bar when the bumpers touch the floor.
NOTE: Reset shoulders and back each and every deadlift. There's no point in compromising form to go faster. Time to get perfect form then build strength and speed.