Monday 1/30/17

Monday 1/30/17

1. Snatch Work

3x3 High Hang Snatches (increasing weight each set)

3x3 Snatch Pull (build to heavier than your 1RM)

2. EMOM until failure:

Cal Row (III-10/7, II-8/6, I-6/4)


1 Hang Snatch first minute (III-75/55, II-65/45, I-55/35)

2 Hang Snatches second minute,

etc until you do not complete the next number of snatches in the minute

*Calories on the rower stay the same every round

Scoring: If you complete the 8th minute of let's say 10 cal row and 8 snatches then on the 9th minute you complete 10 cals and 7 snatches you're score will be 8+17. Yes we are counting your effort in the failed round.