New Year's Resolution Killers

New Year's Resolution Killers

So, I took a poll the other day on the Top 3 Reasons you think people do NOT stick to their New Year's Resolutions. Here are the results.

Reason / # of people that gave that reason

Lack of accountability / 5
No or slow results / 5
Lack of discipline / 5
Unrealistic or vague goals / 4
Lack of preparation and prioritizing / 3
Alcohol / 3
Laziness / 3
Lack of knowledge / 1
Stress / 1
Work / 1
Depression / 1
Fear of change / 1
Funds / 1
Lack of energy / 1

I would say that most, if not all, of these fall under 3 categories that I learned about a long time ago.

The 3 Failure Diseases
1. Excusitis - the disease of having what seems to be valid reasons for NOT achieving a particular goal
2. Detailitis - infects those people who get frozen on making decisions because they don’t feel they have enough information
3. Procrastination - AKA “Why do it today when you can do it tomorrow?-itis”.

So how do we make this year different than years before?
1. Use that excuse as a REASON to make it happen.
You're always tired, exercise anyway and you gain more energy! You don't have the knowledge, seek out the knowledge!
I PROMISE, someone out there has it worse than you and are making their goals happen anyway. It's all a mindset.
See what happens this year by making less excuses and more commitments and plans of action.
PS-Watching videos like this daily helps a ton!

2. Uncertainty is scary. Analytical types are not happy about this one.
"But, but, but, I need everything in place before I start."
NO! Take action, make adjustments, take action, make adjustments, take action, make adjustments, etc.
Being organized is great, making lists is great, writing out plans are a must BUT don't wait until you think you have it all together to start. Why? Because it'll never happen.
Nike said it best: JUST DO IT.

3. Procrastination (ahhhh, speaking to myself now.)
"This underestimated disease has robbed the world of books never written, songs never sung, cures never invented, roads never traveled, ideas never birthed and dreams never realized." In my industry I would say pounds never lost, self-confidence never gained, body never strengthened, depression never overcame and friends never made.
"It is only when the person whom procrastination consumes, finally succumbs to it final stages we truly see the significant damage of this disease."
This year, whenever you're tempted to procrastinate think "Why not now?"

I hope this helps someone out there. If getting into better shape this year is a goal of yours, I can 100%, for sure, without a doubt help. Not just myself but the AMAZING people at CFIII can help. We're here for you so give us a shout and remember, "Why not now?"

This could be you in 2016: 

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