Thursday 10/19/17

Thursday 10/19/17


1) 7 mins to find Max Unbroken DUs* (scale-DU Practice)
*Take about 3 good attempts with some rest in between

2) For Time
100 Burpee Box Jumps


The way this works is:

1 Min ON
1 Min OFF

Get as MANY as you can in 1 min - then rest 1 min - keep going until you get to 100 reps!

Your score is the time you complete your 100th rep

_ _ _ _ _


1) 5x5 Band suspended Strict Press (KB suspended from each end of your barbell for ultimate shoulder stability training)

2) For Time (BUT 1 Min ON/1 Min OFF)
50 Burpee Weighted Box Step Overs (heavy DB or KB in each hand)