Thursday 10/5/17

Thursday 10/5/17

We will be offering two WOD options every Thursday from now on. The active recovery option will be for those who have been able to come each day that week and need a day to recover, but still move. The non-recovery option will be for those who may not have been able to attend the full week at that point. We hope to be able to serve you guys better by having these two options!

(Active Recovery Option)

500m Row
1:00 Rest

Objective: The first should be as fast as possible (new PR). Rounds 2-5 should be aiming to be within 30-60 seconds of first round.


(Non-Recovery Option)

A. Deadlift
5x1 @ 90-95%

GHD Sit Ups
Walking Overhead Lunges (III-95/65, II-75/50, I-50/35)
Cal Row