Thursday 1/5/17

Thursday 1/5/17

Back & Abs Day

1. Hip Exension Hold then perform muscle snatch movement with light plates

2. Straight Arm Lat Pulldown with band

3 x 10 (very slow and controlled movement making sure to activate and only use lats)

3. Reverse DB Flys

3 x 10

4. Lie on stomach with arms stretched overhead and perform raises from the ground to the top of your range of motion in these shapes

I-10 reps, Y-10 reps, T-10 reps

Repeat for 3 total sets

Between each set while resting perform one of the following movements below until the total # of reps or time has been completed. Complete all reps or time by the end of the workout but at your pace and broken up as needed.

Plank (5 mins)

Side Plank (5 mins)

V-Ups (50)

Side V-Ins (100 each side)

Hanging Windshield Wipers (30) Left + Right = 1 Rep