Thursday 3/30/17

Thursday 3/30/17

1) Row Conditioning

500m Row For Time 

*Add to your benchmark board

How to start fast on the first 5 strokes 

2) Abs

50 Sit Ups

50 Oblique Crunches (25 each side)

50 Single Leg Russian Deadlifts (25 each leg)

50 Oblique Crunches

50 V-Ups

*Add very small DB between your feet on oblique crunches and V-Ups if able

3) Work on a new skill

Many of you guys have been getting new skills lately! Us coaches LOVE seeing this and want to help you get better (or get something for the first time.) Use this time to work on 1 skill only and let coach work with you. This time is very valuable so take advantage!