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  • Friday 12/7/18

    1) For Time:
    20 Thrusters
    20 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
    20 Jerks
    20 OHS
    20 Front Squats
    Every Minute on the minute complete 5 Burpees, starting at the 60 second mark.

    Weight for all movements

    2) Midline/Rowing
    5 rounds NOT for time
    12 Second L-Sit (as high as you can get your feet)
    24/20 Calorie Row

  • Wednesday 12/5/18

    Weight Vest Wednesday
    E3MOM x 7
    20 Bulgarian Split Squats
    10 Push Ups
    20 Side Plank Raises
    10 One Arm KB/DB Squat Clean III-55/35, II-40/25, I-25/15

    *Wear weight vest if able
    **Rest remaining of the 3 min round

  • Tuesday 12/4/18

    1. HSPU Skill Work
    2k Row for Time

    2. AMRAP in 14 mins:
    2 Strict Pull Ups (LIII-Muscle Ups)
    4 Kipping Pull Ups (LIII-Strict Ring Pull Ups)
    6 Toes to Bar (LIII-T2Rings)
    2 Strict HSPU
    6 Kipping HSPU
    10 Burpees
    40 Double Unders

    *Goal is to not come off the bar or rings between the first 3 movements* LIII- Has to be Unbroken (Bar MU and so forth can be used if needed)

  • Monday 12/3/18

    Pause Deadlift
    Pause 3" off the ground for 3 seconds then finish deadlift*
    E2MOM for 14 mins:
    1 Deadlift starting at 50% of your 1RM
    then add M-20#/W-10# each lift

    *Goal here is to see what happens on your 1st pull. Does your butt shoot up? Does your back round? Do you get on your toes immediately? When we fix your 1st pull the rest shoot go much better and safer.
    **Goal also is to use this as a warm up for the WOD. So work on form and stop once you're feeling good with your form and back is feeling good. Don't overdo it here.

    3 Rounds:
    (20 min Time Cap)
    600m Run
    12 Deadlifts (III-255/165, II-205/135, I-155/105)
    12 Box Jump Overs (30"/24" or higher than normal)

  • Friday 11/30/18

    WOD (30 min time cap)
    7 rounds of:
    4 TnG Clean & Jerks (begin @ III-135/95, II-95/65, I-55/35)
    Run 200m
    4 Strict Pullups (scale: banded strict pull ups)
    3 Ring MU (scale: 8 Ring Dips)
    ******Rest 1:00 after each round******

    *Increase load on C&J by M-10#/F-5# each round until you cannot complete 4 reps, then lower weight by 10#/5# and complete the 4 touch and go reps. Any time you cannot complete a weight, go back to the previous weight and attempt.

    *Note which weight you ended with. RX=ending with 195/125

  • Thursday 11/29/18

    Skill Work:
    Rope Climbs
    Muscle Ups
    Strict Muscle Ups

    18 min AMRAP:
    40m Right Arm KB/DB Carry
    10 Right Arm Suitcase Deadlifts
    40m Left Arm KB/DB Carry
    10 Left Arm Suitcase Deadlifts
    3 Rope Climbs

    KB: III-100 or 90/70, II-70/55, I-55/35
    40m = wall to wall and back

  • Wednesday 11/28/18

    1. Bench Press 

    10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 at 70% of your 1RM (all sets UNBROKEN)

    2. For Time:
    Left-arm KB snatches
    Right-arm KB snatches

    III-55/35, II-35/25, I-25/15

  • Tuesday 11/27/18

    For Time:
    150 Wall Balls (RX-20/14)

  • Monday 11/26/18

    2 Partners-1 Working at a Time
    Record HSPUs, DUs and Total BS Weight:
    0-4 mins: Max HSPUs
    4-6 mins: Rest
    6-10 mins: Max Double Unders (SUs or Speed Steps)
    10-12 mins: Rest
    12-20 mins: Both Partners find 3RM Back Squat

  • Friday 11/23/18

    Stamina Squatting
    Alternating On the Minute x 12 (6 Rounds):
    Odd Minutes: 1 Front Squat
    Even Minutes: 3 Back Squats

    Barbell Loaded at 85% of 1RM Front Squat For Both Lifts

    5 Rounds for Total Cals:
    1:00 of Wall Sit with Double KB/DB in Front Rack Position (III-35/25, II-25/15, I-20/10)
    :15 Transition
    :30 Max Effort Cal Row
    2:00 Rest

    *Penalty for coming out of Wall Sit:
    1 Burpee for every 2 seconds of being out of a wall sit. Do Burpees after WOD 

  • Thursday 11/22/18

    We will be having one class today at 9:30am. Happy Thanksgiving!

    With every workout, Partner 1 completes entire round then Partner 2 completes entire round. Continue until 10 min AMRAP is finished:

    10 Min AMRAP:
    20 American KBS (55/35)
    15 Goblet squats (same KB)
    10 Burpees to Plate
    5 Pull-ups (LIII- 5 Muscle Ups)

    Rest 3:00

    10 Min AMRAP:
    20 1 Arm OH Lunges (same KB if able. scale: lighter DB)
    15 Hand Release Push-ups
    10 Deadlifts (III-135/95, II-115/80, I-95/65)
    35 Double Unders

    Rest 3:00

    10 Min AMRAP:
    10 Calorie row
    10 Thrusters (III-135/95, II-115/80, I-95/65)
    5 Toes to Bar

  • Wednesday 11/21/18

    We will be having one class time tomorrow (Thanksgiving Day) at 9:30am

    For Time
    Angie's House
    20 Pull-Ups
    20 Push-Ups
    20 Sit-Ups
    20 Air Squats

    Helen's House
    400 meter Run
    21 Kettlebell Swings (53/35 lb)
    12 Pull-Ups

    Fran's House
    15 Thrusters (95/65 lb)

    Nancy's House
    400 meter Run
    15 Overhead Squats (95/65 lb)

    Grace/Isabel's House
    20 Ground-To-Overheads (95/65 lb)

    Kelly's House
    400 meter Run
    30 Box Jumps (24/20 in)
    30 Wall Balls (20/14 lb)

    With a running clock complete all five named parts of the workout, with no rest in between. For “Grace/Isabel’s” house, athlete may move the barbell from the ground to overhead any way they like (eg: snatches and/or clean-and-jerks).