Thursday 7/13/17

Thursday 7/13/17

During these times when we're focused on benchmarks you are always free to make up a WOD or a lift on Thursdays or really any day. The goal is to have everyone filling up that goal board and knowing their stats. And you know the class will still cheer you on!

1. Back & Biceps

4 Rounds for Total Pull Up Reps:

Max Set of Strict UB Supinated Pull Ups (Scale: Add bands or supinated bar rows)

As soon as you drop off

10 Dumbbell Bent Over Rows (Heavy DB - 5 each arm)

Rest 2 mins 

2. Death by Plank

1 min On/ 30 secs Off until Failure

I - Standard Plank

II - Plank with feet on Med Ball

III - Wall Plank (on hands not elbows)

*Go until you cannot hold the plank for 1 min. Score is total successful rounds.

**This is a mental toughness workout challenge just as much as it is a core challenge. Get mentally right and program "I got this" in your head. 

***If you absolutely NEED to scale the time down to less than 1 min to get any amount of rounds then the coach will decide how long you need to hold for.