Thursday 7/27/17

Thursday 7/27/17

Perform 3 Rounds of the Hammie section then move to Lateral and complete 3 rounds. Then move to Obliques and complete 3 rounds. Focus solely on activating the desired muscle group. This is not for time or reps. This is for strength building.

Hammies (3 Rounds)

10 Partner Hamstring Curls

10 Barbell Good Mornings

Lateral (3 Rounds)

10 (steps left then 10 steps right) Banded Side Steps

10 (each side) Lateral Box Step Ups (keep foot on box)

Obliques (3 Rounds)

30 secs (each side) Side Plank Hold (LIII-feet on the wall)

10 (each side) Side Plank Raises