Thursday 7/6/17

Thursday 7/6/17

This is one of my favorite scenes of all time. It's a lesson in how your attitude affects your team. It's also a lesson that you can do way more than you think you can and he even exceeds what his coach thinks he can do. It's time to mentally push harder. You are an amazing being and you'd be surprised what you really can do!

5 Sets Not for Time

10-14 Heavy Bicep Curls with Dumbbells (5-7 each arm)

15 Empty Bar with 1 sec hard contraction at top and bottom

10-14 Death Crawl Steps (w/ your heavy dumbbells)

*You choose your weight. If you get less than 10 it's too heavy, if you get more than 14 it's too light.  Adjust as you go.

**Minimal rest 

Death Crawl = 1 Push Up, step 1 dumbbell forward (1 rep) 1 push up, step other dumbbell forward (2 reps)