Thursday 8/10/17

Thursday 8/10/17

Partner 5K

5K Row for Time 

-2 Partners, switch at any time until 5000 meters has been completed

-THE CATCH: Partner 1 rows while partner 2 statically holds a movement (choose any from list.) Rowing can only occur when the partner is in a static hold. Partner 2 can stop the wall sit (rowing stops immediately) and move to another static hold or change to rowing or even go back into the wall sit at any time. 


-Weighted Wall Sit (plate(s) on lap) M-70#/W-45#

-Handstand Hold (preferably facing the wall) Scale: KB double waiter carry hold 


This video may not be the most exciting but it's gold! We row guys, might as well get good at it! PS-Every single person can gain a cue correction from this video. Check it out!