Thursday 8/23/18

Thursday 8/23/18

Partner Chipper

2K Row

300 DUs (600 SUs)

100 T2B 

-2 Partners, switch at any time until all reps above are completed. Must finish 1st movement before moving to the next

-THE CATCH: Partner 1 completes reps above while Partner 2 holds any movement from list below. Reps above can only be completed when the partner is in a static hold. Partner 2 can stop the static hold (wod reps stop immediately) and move to another static hold at any time.  


-Weighted Wall Sit (plate(s) on lap) M-70#/W-45# 

-Plank or Side Plank  


Coach led stretching after WOD

This video may not be the most exciting but it's gold! We row guys, might as well get good at it! PS-Every single person can gain a cue correction from this video. Check it out!