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  • Friday 5/25/18

    1. For Total GOOD Reps (example 10/12, 10 out of 12)

    EMOM x 12:
    2 Full Clean & Jerks (w/ 3 sec pause at the catch of the jerk)

    *Stay at same weight for all 12 rounds. Focus on consistency with all lifts and especially your re-dip under the bar to catch the jerk. Goal for these section is to get your landing so comfortable that you can hang out there! :-)
    **If you are not able to hold the catch position in the jerk (when you drive under the bar to get it overhead) for 3 solid seconds then it is a NO REP.
    ***Keeping score of these reps to get you to commit to holding that catch.

    2. WOD
    3 min AMRAP
    5 Power Cleans (III-115/75, II-95/65, I-75/55)
    5 Front Squats
    10 Burpees


    3 min AMRAP
    5 Power Cleans (III-95/65, II-75/55, I-65/45)
    5 Front Squats
    10 Burpees


    3 min AMRAP
    5 Power Cleans (III-75/55, II-65/45, I-55/35)
    5 Front Squats
    10 Burpees

    *With the lighter weight each section, try to beat your previous 3 min section

  • Thursday 5/24/18

    5 Rounds
    Each round is 3 Minutes:
    200m Run (Scale: 100m - scale if run is taking up more than 1:30)
    10 Box Jump Overs (24/20)
    Max Weighted Box Step Overs with DB (III - 35/25, II-25/15, I-20/10) *DB in each hand
    Rest 1 Minute after each 3 min round


  • Wednesday 5/23/18

    1. Core Program - Choose next level if you've completed the previous successfully

    10 min EMOM - 1 min On/ 1 min Off

    2. WOD
    10 minute AMRAP:
    3 Push ups on DB
    3 Rows each arm (III-55/35, II-45/30, I-35/20)
    3 Push Presses with DB (LIII-3 HSPUs on DB)

  • Tuesday 5/22/18

    EMOM x 20:

    1st 10 mins-
    Min 1: Cal Row (III-18/13, II-15/10, I-12/7)
    Min 2: 14 Back Rack Lunges (III-75/55, II-65/45, I-55/35)

    2nd 10 mins-
    Min 1: Barbell Ab Roll Out (III-7, II-6, I-5)
    Min 2: 10 Muscle Clean & Strict Press (III-75/55, II-65/45, I-55/35)

    Post-WOD Prehab

    Hip Extension Stretch then Couch Stretch (2 mins each = 4 mins each hip)


    *Ab Roll Out

  • Monday 5/21/18

    This is Deload Week. This just means that we won't absolutely exhaust muscle groups and keep the weight lighter this week. Focus on your form, cardio intensity and recovery. 
    Murph is also in 1 week. Focus this week on increasing your shoulder and hip mobility. We want your shoulders feeling awesome leading into Murph so you can crush it. But you have to put in that extra work. You got this!

    For Total Time
    3 Rounds of:
    12 Box Jumps (24/20") LIII-30/20
    5 Wall Walks (LIII-50' HS Walk)

    straight into

    4 Rounds of:
    10 Burpees
    20 KB Swings 70/55#
    40 Double Unders (80 SUs)

    Post-WOD Prehab

    Spend 10 mins rolling a lacrosse ball behind your shoulder blades

  • Saturday 5/19/2018

    Partner 5K

    5K Row for Time  

    -2 Partners, switch at any time until 5000 meters has been completed 

    -THE CATCH: Partner 1 rows while partner 2 statically holds a movement (choose any from list.) Rowing can only occur when the partner is in a static hold. Partner 2 can stop the wall sit (rowing stops immediately) and move to another static hold or change to rowing or even go back into the wall sit at any time.  


    -Weighted Wall Sit (plate(s) on lap) M-70#/W-45# 


    This video may not be the most exciting but it's gold! We row guys, might as well get good at it! PS-Every single person can gain a cue correction from this video. Check it out!

  • Friday 5/18/18

    3 rounds for time of:
    50 medicine-ball squat cleans
    Run 800 meters

    Men: 20-lb. ball
    Women: 14-lb. ball

    *Wear a weight vest if able


    ***Good tips from Crossfit.com:***

  • Thursday 5/17/18

    4 rounds for time of:
    60-second handstand hold (can be freestanding or against a wall)
    60-second static hang
    15 dumbbell strict presses
    15 strict weighted pull-ups

    Men: Use 2 35-lb. DBs for presses, 1 for pull-ups
    Women: Use 2 20-lb. DBs for presses, 1 for pull-ups

    *Do hardest version of pull up that you can (i.e. lighter DB, bodyweight, light band, etc. Must be strict.)


  • Wednesday 5/16/18

    1. Back Squat
    5x5, build weight each set

    *If you reach a weight that you fail at then go back to your last successful weight for your next set and complete the 5 reps
    **Your 5RM is around 87% of your 1RM on a good day

    2. WOD
    For Total Reps:
    EMOM x 16, alternate movements every min and accumulate as many reps as you can on each movement
    DUs (divide SU reps by 2 for scoring)
    GHD Sit Ups (sub weighted V-Ups, very light DB between feet if able)
    Cal Row
    Side Plank Raises

    #weightvestwednesday if able

  • Tuesday 5/15/18

    For time:
    3 rounds of:
    5 Bar Muscle-Ups (scale: 5 C2B pull ups + 10 dips)
    5 Snatches (can be power or squat)
    Then, 3 rounds of:
    15 Deadlifts
    30 Air Squats
    Then, 3 rounds of:
    5 Bar Muscle-Ups
    5 Cleans

    III-155/105, II-135/95, I-115/75
    ***(if LI is too high for snatching then take 70% of your 1RM snatch and try to do LI weight for DLs and Cleans)

    *No rest between WODs


  • Monday 5/14/18


    1. Find a 3 Rep Max
    Clean & Jerk

    *Reps do not have to be unbroken, but you cannot rest more than 10 seconds between reps.

    2. WOD
    Bicycle Crunches (L+R=1)

    *We want to put emphasis on C&J and give as much time as possible for it. But go hard on the WOD. 100% effort. See if you can eliminate any rests. Push all weakness out of your body. When you feel like stopping, go harder. I promise, you can. 

  • Friday 5/11/18

    For Time:
    1 Full Snatch, 10 Medicine Ball Over the Shoulder
    2 Full Snatch, 10 Medicine Ball Over the Shoulder
    3 Full Snatch, 10 Medicine Ball Over the Shoulder
    10 Full Snatch, 10 Medicine Ball Over the Shoulder

    *Add 1 Snatch per round
    **Snatch weight is 60%-70% of your 1rm. Try to choose a weight that you may fail a couple of times but not for the majority of the reps.

    All medicine balls stay on the large part of the turf. Choose the heaviest ball possible for each set. Once you complete each set of snatches, you will walk to the turf to complete the MB Over the Shoulder reps.