Tuesday 12/27/16

Tuesday 12/27/16

Photo Cred: http://www.strongfirst.com/how-to-double-your-kettlebell-press-in-six-weeks-without-touching-a-bell/

1. Shoulder Strength


Double KB Push Press

*You choose KB weight but make sure you maintain spinal alignment and perfect overhead positioning. If your form starts to waiver then go down in weight

2. WOD

EMOM 18:

Min 1:  15/10 Cal Row  (III-20/15 cals)

Min 2:  Rope Climbs (III-4, II-3, I-2) Scale: 12 Ring Rows

Min 3:  AMRAP Medball Ground to Over Shoulder 20#/14# (III-Heavier Med Ball)

*Score = Total number of Medball G2OS completed all six rounds

**Every Calorie you don't complete is 1 reps off your score. Every rope climb or RR you don't complete is 2 reps off your score.