Tuesday 8/23/16

Tuesday 8/23/16

2 weeks from now (Monday) is Labor Day and Bring a Friend Day! We will have a normal tough WOD and also a beginner, partner workout that anyone can do. This is the day to bring a friend and change their life! Referrals will be rewarded on this day.

**Discounts will be available to new members this day only**


For time:

20 Back Squats, III-135/95, II-115/85, I-95/65

20 Back Squats, III-155/105, II-135/95, I-115/75

20 Back Squats, III-185/115, II-155/105, I-135/85

20 Push Press, III-95/65, II-85/55, I-65/45

20 Push Press, III-105/75, II-95/65, I-75/55

20 Push Press, III-115/85, II-105/75, I-95/65

20 Hang Power Clean, III-115/85, II-105/75, I-95/65

20 Hang Power Clean, III-135/95, II-115/85, I-105/75

20 Hang Power Clean, III-155/105, II-135/95, I-115/85

*1 bar for entire workout