Tuesday 9/5/17

Tuesday 9/5/17

For Time:

Row 800 Meters

40 Overhead Plate Sit Up (25#/15#)

40 Goblet Lunges (III-55/35, II-35/25, I-25/15)

Row 600 Meters

30 Overhead Plate Sit Up

30 Goblet Lunges

Row 400 Meters

20 Overhead Plate Sit Up

20 Goblet Lunges

*If there are not enough rowers in a class, everyone that did not do the Labor Day WOD "Glen" will Run instead of Row.

*Overhead Plate Sit Up will involve keeping the arms locked out and sitting up until head is through the arms and coach can see your ears

*The KB in Goblet lunges can be held in front rack position or on the shoulder and we highly recommend you step back instead of forward. These are static lunges not walking.

***One thing we want you guys to do today is pace yourself in the beginning but keep moving then on the last round starting with the 400m row pick up the pace until you're going all out! Speed up and finish strong! You got this.***