Wednesday 10/25/17

Wednesday 10/25/17

1. Strict Press
4x2 at 85-90%

2. WOD

EMOM to failure

Min 1:
2 Push-ups (III-4 HSPU)
1 Pull-up
Min 2:
2 Push-ups
2 Pull-ups
Min 3:
2 Push-ups
3 Pull-up
Min 4:
2 Push-ups
4 Pull-ups
Etc. (push ups stay consistent and pull-ups increase by 1 every min)

Once you have failed a round you must immediately complete 100 Russian Twists III-45/35, II-35/25, I-25/15 (every tap counts as a rep)

This video has some great tips to think about today when we're working on strict press. Keep that body and bar path in a straight line!