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  • Wednesday 2/20/19

    Teams of 3
    For Time:
    9 Rope Climbs, 60 sec UB Plank (all 3 at once), 60 Back Squats
    9 Rope Climbs, 60 sec UB Plank, 48 Back Squats
    9 Rope Climbs, 60 sec UB Plank, 36 Back Squats
    9 Rope Climbs, 60 sec UB Plank, 24 Back Squats
    9 Rope Climbs, 60 sec UB Plank, 12 Back Squats

    Back Squat weight (increases weight as reps decrease)
    III Men - 185/225/255/285/315
    II Men - 145/185/210/235/255
    I Men - 115/135/155/175/185

    III Women - 95/115/125/145/165
    II Women - 65/80/95/115/135
    I Women - 45/55/70/85/105

    Scale for Rope Climb - 60 Battle Rope Slams total (between all three team members)

    Plank only counts when all 3 are in a plank and all 3 must go 1 min unbroken or start over

  • Tuesday 2/19/19

    EMOM x 10
    ODD MIN: 3 Power Cleans @ 80% of your 1RM PC
    EVEN MIN: 4 Bar MUs or 6 Strict Pull Ups

    immediately into....

    EMOM x 10
    ODD MIN: 6 Unbroken Power Cleans @ III-145/105, II-125/85, I-105/70
    EVEN MIN: 12 Box Jump Overs 30"/24" (higher than normal)

  • Monday 2/18/19

    In 25 Mins...
    Buy In: 1,000m Row

    AMRAP in remaining time:
    6, 9, 12, 15, 18...etc
    Dumbbell Deadlift
    Handstand Push Ups (scale:Box HSPU)
    Dumbbell Front Squats

    DB weight

    This is a longer video, but they have some really good tips for handstand push ups. It's worth the watch:

  • Friday 2/15/19

    4 Rounds for Time of:
    7 Back Squats (III-185/125, II-145/105, I-115/85)
    14 Russian Twists (RX-30/20 - Go heavier than normal)
    21 Wall Balls (same as russian twists)
    600m Row

  • Thursday 2/14/19

    2 Partner Valentine WOD
    "You go, I go" style*
    AMRAP in 30 mins:
    3 Tire Flips
    200m Run
    15 Push Ups (Scale: Hands of tire, LIII-Decline Push Ups with feet on tires)

    *Partner 1 does 3 tire flips then partner 2 does 3 tire flips. Then partner 1 does 200m run and once finished partner 2 does 200m run. Then partner 1 does 15 push ups followed by partner 2 doing 15 push ups

  • Wednesday 2/13/19

    Open WOD 17.2
    AMRAP in 12 minutes:
    2 Rounds of:
    50 Ft Dumbbell Walking Lunges (III-50/35, II-35/25, I-25/15)
    16 Toe-to-Bars
    8 Dumbbell Power Cleans (same weight)

    Then, 2 Rounds of:
    50 ft Dumbbell Walking Lunges
    16 Bar Muscle Ups
    8 Dumbbell Power Cleans

  • Tuesday 2/12/19

    Teams of 2:
    Break up reps however you want. Just complete total # of reps
    For Time:
    80 Cal Bike
    120 Pull Ups
    160 Burpees
    200 Calorie Row
    500 Double Unders (1000 SUs)

    Notes: We have a long grinder here. Death by reps. Good news is you can break up however you want so you can get some relief when changing to a different move but it won't give you too much relief! This is going to test your mental drive when you hit walls and want to quit. But you can always do one more... Push those limits today. Pay attention to your self talk and adjust it if needed. "Just a few more burpees then on to the next movement." Step it up for your partner! 3...2...1...GO!

  • Monday 2/11/19

    "Every functional exercise contains an essential bit of human capacity. Due to strength or injury, often a particular exercise is not immediately possible. In nearly every case what we do is find a method to reduce the load to insignificant levels while preserving precisely the line of action or substitute movements of similar lines of action that will prepare for the missing capacity. Any weightlifting exercise can be done with a broomstick or PVC pipe."
    -GREG GLASSMAN, from "A Beginner's Guide to CrossFit"

    Find your 1RM Snatch
    3 Rounds for Time:
    15 Power Snatches
    15 Thrusters


    Notes: This one is going to be a burner! If you're not brand new to this, try to do large UNBROKEN sets. You should choose a weight that you are able to do quite a few without putting the bar down. Even if you are fast doing singles, you are missing several other stimulus factors (talking to myself as well) like grip strength and tolerance as well as general time under tension and barbell endurance capacity. Go into this ready to "get it over with" and not rest or breathe much. 3...2...1...GO!

  • Friday 2/8/19

    2 Partner Version - Alternate 10 Bear Complexes each
    For Time:
    140 Bear Complexes III-45/35, II-35/25, I-25/15

    BEAR COMPLEX = Squat Clean + Press + Back Squat + Press (pressing can be a thruster as in coming out of the squat straight into the press. Bar returns right below knee to start next bear complex)

    Individual Version
    For Time:
    100 Bear Complexes III-45/35, II-35/25, I-25/15

  • Thursday 2/7/19

    25 Min AMRAP (also record total # of push ups)
    10 Strict Pull Ups
    20 Barbell Curls
    10 GHD Sit Ups or Weighted V-Ups

    After every 3 rounds complete a max attempt at Push Ups (chest must touch the ground or box for rep to count. No knee push ups today)

  • Wednesday 2/6/19

    For Time:
    >>>1 Min Rest after each interval<<<
    1600 M Run
    1000 M Run
    800 M Run
    400 M Run
    200 M Run
    400 M Run
    800 M Run
    1000 M Run
    1600 M Run

    Scale: If your 5k time is over 30 mins then complete below version
    For Time:
    >>>1 Min Rest after each interval<<<
    1000 M
    800 M
    400 M
    200 M
    400 M
    800 M
    1000 M


  • Tuesday 2/5/19

    RX WOD
    For Time:
    100 Double Unders
    10 Bar Muscle Ups
    100' Handstand Walk (wall to wall x 2)
    10 Bar Muscle Ups
    100 Double Unders

    Scaled WOD
    For Time:
    200 Single Unders
    10 Burpee Chest to Bar Pull Ups
    300' Double KB Waiter Walk III-55/35, II-35/25, I-25/15 (wall to wall x 6)
    10 Burpee Chest to Bar Pull Ups
    200 Single Unders