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  • Wednesday 12/26/18

    For Time:
    30 Toes to Bar
    400 Meter Run
    15 Back Squats (III-250/155, II-205/125, I-135/95)
    800 Meter Run
    15 Back Squats (III-250/155, II-205/125, I-135/95)
    400 Meter Run
    30 Toes to Bar

  • Monday 12/24/18

    4 Rounds for Time (with a Partner - switch anytime)
    8 Man Makers (RX-50s/35s, II-35/25, I-25/15) / Plank Hold
    20 Deadlifts (RX-275/205, II-235/155, I-185/115 ) / Wall Sit
    24 One-Arm Dumbbell Thrusters (same DB) / Scissor Kicks
    Cash out:
    500 Double-Unders / 100 Cal Row

    Created by CrossFit Overwatch (Concord, CA, USA) to memorialize decorated US Navy Seal veteran and sniper, Chris Kyle (April 8, 1974 - February 2, 2013). It was first posted on their Instagram in memory of Kyle on his birthday in April 2017.

    Time Magazine commemorated Sniper Chris Kyle's Final Mission. "To his enemies, he was the “Devil of Ramadi,” an unseen terror who harried insurgents with his rifle during Operation Iraqi Freedom, often from an impossible remove. He served four tours of duty. He was credited with some 160 confirmed kills and was awarded two Purple Hearts. He played a role in every major engagement in the Iraq war. To the 18,000 folks of Midlothian, Texas, a blue-collar town just south of Dallas, Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle, 38, was invincible, revered, a local boy, a hero who’d seen and done things they couldn’t imagine, and who then came back home to live with them again and to watch his children grow."

  • Friday 12/21/18

    Let's all wear RED and GREEN for this WOD! 
    Christmas hats and any other festive craziness is RX+ ;-) 
    "12 Days of Christmas"
    1 HSPU
    2 Box Jumps 30/24
    3 Thrusters 95/65
    4 Pull Ups
    5 Burpees
    6 T2B
    7 Wall Balls 20/14
    8 KBS 55/35
    9 DU’s
    10 OH Walking Lunges 95/65
    11 Hang Power Cleans 95/65
    12 Snatches 95/65

    LEVEL III Beastmode Version
    "12 Days of Christmas"
    1 Full Snatch
    2 Muscle Ups
    3 Thrusters
    4 HSPUs
    5 Clean & Jerks
    6 T2B
    7 Box Jumps (30"/24")
    8 Pull Ups
    9 DU’s
    10 KBS (70/55)
    11 GHD Sit Ups
    12 Hang Power Cleans

    All barbell movements - 155lbs/105lbs


  • Thursday 12/20/18

    Get Ready For 12 Days of Christmas Tomorrow!!

    If you can't come tomorrow then do our 12 Days of Christmas WOD today.

    If you are coming tomorrow then:

    Break up reps and order however you want. Just complete total reps below.
    For Time:
    300 DUs
    200 Cal Row
    100 Cal Bike
    50 Burpees

  • Wednesday 12/19/18

    For Time:
    10 Power Snatches (60%)
    20' Handstand Walk (scale: 20 shoulder taps or transfers, or 1 full circle HS Walk-a-Round)
    10 Barbell Rollouts

    8 Power Snatches (68%)
    40' Handstand Walk (scale: 40 ST/T, or 2 full circle W.A.R.)
    8 Barbell Rollouts

    6 Power Snatches (75%)
    60' Handstand Walk (scale: 60 ST/T, or 3 full circle W.A.R.)
    6 Barbell Rollouts

    4 Power Snatches (83%)
    80' Handstand Walk (scale: 80 ST/T, or 4 full circle W.A.R.)
    4 Barbell Rollouts

    2 Power Snatches (90%)
    100' Handstand Walk (scale: 100 ST/T, or 5 full circle W.A.R.)
    2 Barbell Rollouts

  • Tuesday 12/18/18

    For Time:
    50 Wallballs (RX-30/20, heavier than normal)
    25 Dumbbell Box Step Overs (RX-24/20)
    100' Double Dumbbell Walking Lunge
    25 Dumbbell Box Step Overs (RX-24/20)
    50 Wallballs (RX-30/20)

    III-50/35, II-35/25, I-25/15

  • Monday 12/17/18

    Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
    5 Handstand Push-ups
    10 One legged squats, alternating
    15 Pull-ups

  • Friday 12/14/18

    For Time:
    12 Single Arm Push Press + Overhead Squat Right
    12 Single Arm Push Press + Overhead Squat Left
    12 GHDSU or Toes to Bar (Scale: V-Ups)
    11 Single Arm Push Press + Overhead Squat Right
    11 Single Arm Push Press + Overhead Squat Left
    11 GHDSU or Toes to Bar (Scale: V-Ups)
    10 Single Arm Push Press + Overhead Squat Right
    10 Single Arm Push Press + Overhead Squat Left
    10 GHDSU or Toes to Bar (Scale: V-Ups)

    Keep going down by one each round until...

    1 Single Arm Push Press + Overhead Squat Right
    1 Single Arm Push Press + Overhead Squat Left
    1 GHDSU / Toes to Bar / V-Up

    KB or DB weight III-35/25, II-25/20, I-20/15

    *Push Press then OHS = 1 rep

    **SAFETY: The core movement is 78 reps total. Do not do 78 GHD Sit Ups if you've never done over 50 GHDSU in a workout. You can start on GHD then go to T2B or V-Ups

  • Thursday 12/13/18

    Row Conditioning
    8 Rounds (24 mins total)
    1 Min Moderate Pace (500m split pace - III-1:50/2:00, II-2:00/2:10, I-2:10/2:20)
    1 Min Hard Pace (500m split pace - III-1:40/1:50, II-1:50/2:00, 2:00/2:10)
    1 Min Very Light (just keep the rower moving)

    There is no score for this WOD, just focus on keeping pace the full minute and expanding your comfort zone.

  • Wednesday 12/12/18

    "Felix the Cat" (HERO WOD) *Wear a weight vest if able
    6 Rounds for Time
    9 Burpees
    9 Box Jumps (24"/20")
    9 Pull-Ups
    9 Thrusters (III-95/65, II-80/55, I-65/45)
    9 Toes-to-Bar

    This British Tribute WOD is dedicated to all the RLC EOD operators who expended their 9 lives and paid the ultimate sacrifice in Afghanistan. Among them they defused 100’s of explosive devices, saving countless lives. Gaz O’Donnel G.M., Dan Shepherd G.C., Oz Schmid G.C., Dan Read Q.G.M., Brett Linley G.M., Lisa Head. The RLC EOD left Afghanistan on the 26 October 2014.

    "Felix is the unofficial mascot of British Army counter-terrorism bomb disposal. Cats have always been associated with luck, possibly due to their ‘righting reflex’ – an innate ability to always land on their feet. Felix (Latin for ‘happy’ or ‘lucky’) was the name given to the popular cartoon cat created by Otto Messmer in early 1900s America. He was a cheerful, thoughtful character who never failed to survive mayhem unscathed. These are traits much coveted by bomb disposal personnel and many bomb squads worldwide adopted Messmer’s ‘Felix the Cat’ as their symbol. There have even been some conventional munitions named after him." -via felixfund.org.uk

  • Tuesday 12/11/18

    Every 5 Minutes for 4 Rounds
    20 Back Squats III-165/115, II-135/95, I-110/75
    15 Kettle Bell Swings III-70/55, II-55/35, I-35/20
    10 Hang Squat Cleans (same bar weight)

    *Choose a weight that allows you to get at least 90 seconds rest between rounds 

    **Scale reps to 15, 10, 5 if absolutely needed  

  • Monday 12/10/18

    AMRAP in 20 mins:
    40 DUs (DU Scale that works best for you)
    15 Push Ups
    10 Wall Ball Clusters, 20/14 (III-Heavier)

    *Wall Ball Cluster = med ball squat clean then drive up into a wall ball shot. Catch the ball on the way down then start with the ball on the ground to go into the next rep.
    **For this WOD, letting the ball drop to the ground from the wall is a 
    no rep. Catch the ball then guide it down.