WOD 05/06/13

WOD 05/06/13

^Good vs Bad overhead squat positioning. The guy on the right is extremely unflexible and you can hopefully see how his positioning will lead to many many many other issues down the road in life and in basic exercises that we do. We should all strive to be as upright as the guy on the left and it takes DAILY work to get there.


Bar Pass Throughs

Shoulder and Hip Mobility

Work on OHS form as a class



5 Rounds for Time of:

400M Run

15 Overhead Squats (95lbs-Scale as needed)


300 Single Unders or 100 Double Unders

OHS Basics

"Active Shoulders" in the OHS

Here Coach Burgener (World Class Oly Lifting Coach) corrects an amateur athletes form and mobility.