WOD 05/15/13

WOD 05/15/13



Squat Position

Lower Back



500m Row

Today is going to be very instructional (and believe me you will get plenty of a workout doing the movements over and over) and then we will do a quick workout at the end. We will be going through the Burgener Warm Up (video below) and then go through the progressions in the other 2 videos. Coach Burgener is THE olympic lifting coach. We will do alot more of the Burgener Warm Up in the future because getting better at those skills makes you better at everything else. 

Burgener Warm Up


Burgener Clean Warm Up

Burgener Clean Progressions Part 1

Part 2


AMRAP in 5 Mins:

Full Squat Cleans

Pure Art...


300 Jump Ropes