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  • 6/22/15



    *This is our 7th week of the Strength Program!
    Back Squat
    Bench Press
    Barbell Row

    11.5 Open WOD
    AMRAP in 20 minutes of:
    5 Power cleans (III-145/100, II-125/85, I-100/70)
    10 Toes to bar
    15 Wall balls

    Dan Bailey in 2011!

  • 6/8/15


    5x5 (90 secs rest between sets - Immediate transition to next exercise) *23 mins total
    Front Squat
    Bench Press
    Barbell Row

    1) Barbell/Gymnasty Training *10 mins total
    EMOM for 10 mins
    Odd: Squat Snatch + Hang Squat Snatch (III-75% of 1RM Snatch, II-65%, I-55%)
    Even: 40 secs Handstand Walk 
    (Scale: Kick up to wall and transfer weight from one arm to the other like you're walking.) (Another Scale: Toes or knees on box in pike position and transfer weight from arm to the other)

    VIDEO: Shifting Weight - https://youtu.be/gI4DsvaEsQw?t=3m37s

    2) Conditioning: *9 min time cap
    3 Rounds for Time:
    30 Double Unders (2:1 SU)
    30 Air Squats
    15 Calorie Row


    GREAT Handstand Walk Progression video:

  • WOD 5/30/2015


    For Time:

    Row 1000m

    10 Handstand push-ups

    20 Box jumps (30"/24")

    30 Thrusters (65#/45#)

    400m Sled Push (90#/45#)

    50 KBS (55#/35#)

    60 V-Ups

    Row 1000m

  • 5/29/2015




    Front Squat

    Bench Press

    Barbell Row



    AMRAP in 18 Mins:

    10 Toes to Bar

    12 Pistol Squats (Scale: Foot propped behind other heel then do the pistol or Pistol box squats)

    14 KB Snatches (55/35)



  • WOD 5/26/15


    Strength 5x5 EMOM


    Bench Press

    Barbell Row


    For Total Reps:

    30 secs on / 20 secs off for 10 rounds (alternate the 2 movements below)

    Rowing (for cals)

    Sit Ups

    Rest 2 mins then 

    30 secs on / 20 secs off for 10 rounds (alternate the 2 movements below)

    Double Unders (on mats outside)

    Tire Flips (Scale: Rope Slams) *1 Flip=4 Reps                                                                                                                                                                  

  • WOD 12/17/13

    *Please "Check In" when you get to class. Thank you!


    For Time: 

    50 Double Unders (200 Singles)



    10 Thrusters (95/65)

    15 Bar Facing Burpees

    20 Thrusters

    25 Bar Facing Burpees

    30 Thrusters

    35 Bar Facing Burpees


    50 Double Unders (200 Singles)

    Awesome Thruster tips (and foam rolling strategy to get ready for Thrusters)

  • WOD 12/16/13

    *Please "Check In" when you get to class. Thank you!


    5 x 5

    Back Squats 

    *Add 5lbs to last Monday's weight if you can still maintain depth and form

    *We're making this our last week of back squats. We will be going for new maxes on Friday! If you will not be here on Friday then go for it Wednesday or today.


    For Time:

    30 KB Step Ups (20" Box, 55/35 in each hand)

    50 Strict Pull Ups (Scale-Band Strict Pull Ups) *No kipping today. We're going for strength

    100 Banded Good Mornings (Blue Band)

    *You can break this workout in to any amount of sets and reps

    Banded Good Morning Demo

  • WOD 12/13/13

    *Please "Check In" when you get to class. Thank you!


    5 x 1

    Back Squats 

    *Add 5lbs to last Friday's weight IF you can maintain depth


    Complete 3 Rounds for Total Reps of:

    1 min Max Rep DB Push Press (50/30)

    1 min Rest

    1 min Max Rep Weighted Pull Ups (50lbs/20lbs)

    1 min Rest

    1 min Row for Calories

    1 min Rest

    1 min Max Rep Burpees

    You choose whether you want to do strict or kipping weighted pull ups (the "errors" in this video are hilarious though)

    There are some good trainers in this video

  • WOD 11/22/13


    750m Row

    Squat Warm Up (band squat, hip flexor stretch (on wall), etc)


    5 x 1

    Back Squat

    *Add 5lbs to last Friday's weight


    Filthy 50

    For Time:

    50 Box Jumps (24"/20")
    50 Jumping Pull-Ups
    50 Kettlebell Swings (35/20)
    50 Walking Lunge Steps
    50 Knees to Elbows
    50 Push Press (45/30)
    50 Back Extensions
    50 Wall Balls
    50 Burpees
    50 Double Unders

    *We last did the Filthy 50 on 8/21/13

    WOD Demo

  • WOD 11/21/13


    *Set up your station right at the pull up bar so you don't have to walk around

    EMOM for 20 Mins (with a CATCH! See below) of:


    Decline Push Ups

    Toes to Bar

    3 Strict Pull Ups

    20 Bicycles (each side is 1 so left then right is 2 reps)


    3 Decline Push Ups

    3 Knees to Elbows

    3 Kipping Pull Ups

    10 Bicycles


    3 Push Ups

    3 Hanging Knee Raises

    3 Banded Strict Pull Ups

    6 Bicycles

    *Honestly choose which one you think you can do the right way and complete a fair amount of rounds

    Catch: When you do not complete the required work within a minute time frame you are out and you then go on and complete the Finale. The Finale is a 3000m Row. For every minute you complete of the WOD you take 100 meters off the row. Ex: You complete 10 mins of the EMOM but cannot complete the 11th within the minute. You then do a 2000m row. 

    Decline Push Ups Demo (Keep back completely straight like a plank. Don't let the hips dip)

    This video goes over pretty much every rowing fault I've seen. Check it out. It's important!

  • WOD 11/18/13


    5 x 5

    Back Squat

    *Add 5lbs to the weight you did last Monday



    "Hope" has the same format as Fight Gone Bad. In this workout you move from each of five stations after a minute. This is a five-minute round from which a one-minute break is allowed before repeating. The clock does not reset or stop between exercises. On call of "rotate," the athlete/s must move to next station immediately for good score. One point is given for each rep.


    Hang Snatch (75/45)

    Box Jumps (24" for guys and ladies)

    Thrusters (75/45)

    CTB Pull Ups

    *Last time we did this WOD was 9/25/13http://www.crossfitiii.com/092513

    WOD Demo (Strategy from the best)


    CrossFit for Hope! 


  • WOD 11/15/13

    ^ This is perfect 


    5 x 1 

    Back Squats 

    *Add 5lbs to last Friday's 1RM


    Partner WOD

    Rounds for Time of:

    10 Heavy Thrusters (heavy for you) (alternate partners each rep by setting bar down for your partner to go)

    20 Plank Jump Overs holding Med Ball (1 partner planks while the other jumps over partner 10x while holding med ball then switch partners)

    20 Partner Wall Balls (alternate wall balls by deflecting off the wall to your partner)

    20 Partner Ball Slams (alternate ball slams by deflecting off the ground to your partner)

    5 Tire Flips

    Define Beauty