WOD 11/04/13

WOD 11/04/13

Warm- Up

500m Row

10 Wall Balls

15 Sit Ups

20 Squats


5 x 5

Back Squats

75-80% of your 1RM (Rep Max)

*We are starting an 8 week Squat Program today that will occur on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Of course there will be a Metcon (Metabolic Conditioning) workout as well on these days. On Tuesday and Thursday there will be more of an upper body strength component with a Metcon as well. Getting our legs (truly) strong will benefit almost every other aspect of our fitness. Also, I know we do not usually repeat workouts often but we are getting to the point where we need to take a certain amount of times and FOCUS on one aspect to get alot better at it. I can't wait to see where your maxes will be by the end! 


AMRAP in 12 Mins of:

10 Burpees

15 Wall Balls

20 Sit-Ups

What are the importance and benefits of Squatting?? (Great article below)