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  • WOD 11/12/13



    Rounds for Max Reps of:

    Body Weight Bench Press

    Strict Pull Ups

    *Do max reps of bench press then move immediately to pull ups and perform max reps. Track the reps for each round

    *Brief rest between rounds

    *If a band is required use a fairly light band 

    *If you cannot do body weight bench press use a weight that allows you to do about 10 reps




    Sit Ups

    Mountain Climbers

    *2 people on each exercise until the 4 mins is complete then switch exercises

    *1 min rest between each Tabata

    "Lynne" Demo (We are doing strict pull ups because of the Strength Cycle we are in)

    We are not changing exercises like this but this may get you jacked up about Tabatas :-)

  • WOD 10/24/13


    5 x 5 

    Bench Press

    Metcon (Metabolic Conditioning)

    Endless Tabata  *No rest in between these 3 Tabatas

    Tabata Mid Row with Dumbbells

    Tabata Sit-Ups

    Tabata Alternating Bicep Curls with Dumbbells 

    *Choose tough DB weights. You can rock during the movements just keep going for the entire 20 secs!


    Mobility and Foam Rolling

  • WOD 10/09/13

    Warm- Up

    Foam Rolling and Group Warm Up


    "Off to the Races!"

    You will have an opponent for each of the 3 workouts. Whoever loses best out of 3 has to do 25 burpees. If there is a tie there will be a tiebreaker exercise to determine who does the 25 burpees. 

    1000m Row

    rest 4 mins

    Tabata DB Thrusters

    rest 4 mins

    Tabata Oblique Crunches

    Rowing Efficiency

    Toby vs Tim 1k Race