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  • WOD 1/21/14

    *Please "Check In" when you get to class. Thank you!


    "Brittany" (Happy 29th Birthday WOD!)

    For Time:

    29 Burpees

    29 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (115/75)

    29 Hollow Rocks

    29 Back Squats (185/115)

    29 Calorie Row

    29 Dips (Rings if available. If not then Bench Dips)

    *YOU CAN BREAK UP THIS WOD INTO WHATEVER REPS AND SETS THAT YOU WANT. So, you can do 29 Hollow Rocks in a row then do 15 Back Squats then 15 Dips, etc. This should help people not have to wait on each other for any exercise. Enjoy!

    Just because...

  • WOD 12/20/13


    *Please "Check In" when you get to class. Thank you!


    You have 5 attempts to find your new 1RM (Rep Max) on Back Squats 

    *Must be parallel or below to count

    *No Reps WILL be called today ;-)
    *Last day of the back squat program!


    AMRAP in 12 Mins of:

    12 Burpees

    12 Barbell Reverse Stationary Lunges (use 35-40% of your 1RM B.S.)

    12 Dips (Rings if able or Bench Dips)

    Barbell Reverse Stationary Lunges