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  • WOD 3/17/14

    *Please "Check In" when you get to class. Thank you!


    Work up to a 5RM

    Front Squat


    Max Reps at 80% of 5RM Weight


    For Time:

    30 Toes 2 Bar

    10 Ring Dips

    20 T2B

    20 Ring Dips

    10 T2B

    30 Ring Dips

    Toes 2 Bar Variations

    Ring Dip Variation (This takes some coordination but it takes away all of that hanging weight underneath you by tucking the legs up)

  • WOD 2/19/14

    *Please "Check In" when you get to class. Thank you!


    For Time:

    Buy in: 12-9-6 HSPU (try to do 12 Unbroken then 9 Unbroken then 6 Unbroken. Overall goal is just to get 27 total but this gives you goals to shoot for)

    5 Rounds of:

    100ft Bear Crawl

    100ft Broad Jump w/ 3 Burpees after each jump

    Cash Out: 12-9-6 Ring Dips (same structure as the HSPU)

    Max Effort Broad Jump in 2012 CrossFit Games

  • WOD 12/20/13


    *Please "Check In" when you get to class. Thank you!


    You have 5 attempts to find your new 1RM (Rep Max) on Back Squats 

    *Must be parallel or below to count

    *No Reps WILL be called today ;-)
    *Last day of the back squat program!


    AMRAP in 12 Mins of:

    12 Burpees

    12 Barbell Reverse Stationary Lunges (use 35-40% of your 1RM B.S.)

    12 Dips (Rings if able or Bench Dips)

    Barbell Reverse Stationary Lunges

  • WOD 10/28/13

    Warm- Up

    3 Rounds of:

    200m Row

    5 Squat Cleans (you choose the weight)

    10 Deep Bench Dips (get a good shoulder stretch)


    Take 15 Mins to Establish a 1RM (Rep Max) Clean




    Cleans & Ring Dips

    Elizabeth Demo

    Rich Froning Cleaning his Garage ;-)

  • WOD 09/16/13


    5 x 5 

    Back Squat

    *75% of your 1RM


    AMRAP in 20 Mins

    6 HSPU

    8 Ring Dips

    10 Lunges

    Kipping Handstand Push Up Tutorial (PLEASE WATCH!)

    Also watch Cory's beautiful DEMO of the Kipping HSPU

  • WOD 08/27/13

    Warm- Up

    500m Row


    For Time

    10-8-6-8-10 Reps of:

    Strict Pull Ups

    Strict Ring Dips

    Ring Push Ups

    Straight Leg Deadlifts

    Front Squats

    Overhead Squats

    *For the bar weight, choose the heaviest weight you can do on OH Squats


    Take 8 mins to get a new max on UB Double Unders