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  • Monday 7/23/18

    1) Back Squat 
    Find your 2 Rep Max
    *Should be close to 95% of your 1RM

    2) For Time:

    21-15-9 reps of
    DB Hang Squat Clean, III-50/35, II-40/25, I-30/20
    Handstand Push-Ups (Scale: Box HSPUs)

    *Time Cap: 15 mins

  • Friday 7/20/18

    "Hotshots 19"
    6 Rounds For Time
    30 Air Squats
    19 Power Cleans (RX-135/95, II-115/80, I-95/65)
    7 Strict Pull-Ups
    400 meter Run

  • Thursday 7/19/18

    AMRAP in 20 mins:
    30' HS Walk (scale - 30 sec Handstand Hold)
    10 One Arm DB Hang Clean & Jerk (5 each arm) III-50/35, II-40/25, I-25/15
    15 Cal Row

  • Wednesday 7/18/17

    For Time:
    400m Run
    40 Ring Rows
    400m Run
    80 Push Ups
    400m Run
    80 GHDs
    400m Run
    40 Ring Dips
    400m Run

  • Tuesday 7/17/18

    1. Find your 1RM

    2. For Total Reps
    Tabata x 4 Minutes:
    Overhead Squat (Empty Barbell 45/33)
    *During each 10 sec rest periods you must stay in the BOTTOM of the OHS.
    **During the 20 sec work periods you do as many OHS as possible

    immediately into

    Tabata x 4 Minutes:
    Double Unders or Single Unders or Speed Steps

  • Monday 7/16/18

    We did this WOD last just over a year ago. I hope you marked your previous performance to see your improvement!

    "Jackie" (Benchmark Board!) 

    For Time:

    1000m Row
    50 Thrusters RX-45/33
    30 Pull Ups


  • Friday 7/13/18

    “Van Damme”
    For Time:
    30 Snatches (III-135/95, II-115/80, I-95/65) *go lighter if needed
    10 Ring Muscle-ups (scale:10 Strict Pull Ups + 10 Strict Dips)
    30 Clean & Jerks (same barbell)
    10 Ring Muscle-ups
    30 Thrusters (same barbell)
    10 Ring Muscle-ups

  • Thursday 7/12/18

    1. Back Squats
    *Build each set to find a 5 Rep Max

    2. AMRAP
    14 min AMRAP
    3 Power Cleans (80% of your 1RM PC)
    30 Air Squats

    At the completion of every 2 rounds, stop and run 200m
    (i.e. When you complete rounds 2,4,6,etc run 200m before starting rounds 3,5,7)

  • Wednesday 7/11/18

    Today we will have a meeting for the Challenge and how to properly utilize MyFitnessPal. This will be from 6-7pm at CFIII. Evening class times will be adjusted to below schedule for today only.



    For Total Reps:
    Every 2 mins move to the next movement and accumulate as many reps as possible for a total of 18 mins (3 rds of each movement)

    Cal Row
    Med Ball Russian Twists (use your wall ball)
    Wall Balls RX-30/20 (go heavier than normal)

  • Tuesday 7/10/18

    22 min AMRAP
    Push Ups
    DUs (SU=same #) (LIII-Unbroken)
    Toes 2 Bar

    *yes, if you finished the 2s before 25 mins you start back at 20

  • Monday 7/9/18

    For Time:
    Buy in: 600m Run
    - - - -
    3 Rounds of:
    10 Right Arm KB Snatches
    10 Right Arm KB Front Squats
    10 Right Arm KB Thrusters
    10 Left Arm KB Snatches
    10 Left Arm KB Front Squats
    10 Left Arm KB Thrusters
    - - - -
    Cash Out: 600m Run

    KB Weight: III-55/35, II-35/25, I-25/20 (LIII-go for 70/55 if able)
    *Use DBs if snatch form is not there yet or if there is lack of equipment

  • Friday 7/6/18

    1. Find your 1RM
    Power Clean

    2. 4 rounds for time of:
    5 Power Cleans (75% of your 1 RM power clean)
    10 Deadlifts (same bar)
    50 DUs