WOD 6/24/14

WOD 6/24/14

1) WOD

EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute) x 10 for total completed rounds

7 Thrusters (75/55)

7 Pull Ups

7 Burpees

*Scale: 5 reps on each movement. If the thruster weight is not pretty light for you then scale weight also.

2) Strength (Press)

EMOM x 10

2 Strict Presses

*Choose your 2RM Strict Press weight and keep it across the board

3) CTB Progression

7 x 6 (with 1 min of rest in between sets)

CTB Pull Ups

Note from Coach Bergeron

*We are repeating this C2B Progression.  If you missed it the first time – DO IT now.  C2B Pull ups are a game changer in the Open.  In other words you to have to excel at them to be able to compete.  If you have already completed this entire progression (you can compete 7 sets of 10 unbroken with :40 rest between) then you should repeat it with the next level of difficulty, ie: butterfly or strict or weighted.


Cardio Club (Recommended every day) 

3 RFT:

500m Row

30 DU

6 x 30yrd Shuttle Sprints (front to back on turf or one side to the other in the front are both 30 yrds)

*Write "CA" next to your name on the board if you completed this for the day

Core Club (Recommended 3x/wk, NOT every day)

Rounds of:

25 GHD Sit Ups (go down as far as you can) (PLEASE watch the video below if you are doing GHD Sit Ups)

15 Windshield Wipers 

20 T2B

*Write "CO" next to your name on the board if you completed this for the day

Demo Videos:

Windshield Wipers: 

I have a variation of this movement if this version is too difficult


GHD Sit Ups: PLEASE watch this video if you are trying GHD Sit Ups