WOD 7/21/14

WOD 7/21/14

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1. “Helen”
3 RFT:
400m Run
21 KBS, 1.5 pood (55#), 1 pood (35#)
12 Pull Ups

2. Squats
5 x 7 
Back Squats, across

3. Bench Press
Find 2RM

4. 5 RFT

12 Bench Press, (M-bodyweight, W-70% of bodyweight)

10 Strict C2B Pull Ups


(From Coach Bergeron) Be sure to do today’s programming in order. “Helen” is your top priority today. Give the benchmark everything you have and then take your time with the rest of the day. If you’d prefer to do a double session today, with the barbell stuff separate, that’s cool.


Cardio Club (Recommended every day) 

200m Sprint for time x 7

Rest 1 min between rounds

*Try to keep all rounds within a 5 sec spread

Core Club (Recommended 3x/wk, NOT every day)


20 secs Hollow Rocks

5 Ultra slow Strict T2B

30 V-ins (10 middle, 10 left side, 10 right side)

40 Oblique Crunches (20 each side)

*Write "CO" next to your name on the board if you completed this for the day